Templates On File

PLC Phase 2

Business Proposal
This tends to be a somewhat thick document, due to the fact that there's a lot of justification to be done.  Contains the proposal, corroborating marketing research, cost/benefit analysis, etc.

PLC Phase 3

Business Requirements
Simply boils down the proposal to what was finally retained out of the BP. Note that it's in the nature of a proposal that not everything in it will fly.

PLC Phase 4

Functional System Design
This describes the functionality of the proposed system in detail based on the Requirement.  It does not detail HOW the functionality will be implemented.

PLC Phase 5

Technical System Design
This details how the functionality will be implemented.

PLC Phases 5, 6

Module Design Document
Multiple MDDs can be associated with a project to simplify the reading of the TSD and assist in breaking down the work into manageable chunks.  Each MDD contains a functional test plan for that particular module.

PLC Phase 7

System Test Plan
Overall test plan for the system.

PLC Phase 8

Installation Plan
How do I install this puppy now that it's built?  Detailed instructions, including space for contingency plans for failure and planning for data conversion as required, etc.

PLC Phase 8

Training Plan
Basically, it's a course outline to be used in training the end users.  Not the same as the help documentation, as its intended audience is knowledgable trainers.

No Templates on File

PLC Phase 5

Data Flow Diagram
A DFD typically shows functional entities as blocks, and the flow of data is represented as labelled arrows between them.

PLC Phase 5

Entity Relationship Diagram
Tables and Cursors are represented as blocks.  Relationships between them are represented as labelled lines.  Symbols at the ends of the lines show the type of the relationship (one-to-many, one-to-one, etc)(typically "crow's feet" symbols indicate multiple records in the table satisfy the relationship, no symbol indicates a single record in the table satisfies the relationship.) 

PLC Phase 5, 6

Help Documentation
End-user documentation, to be accessible on-line or printed.  The actual format of this information depends greatly on the system that's being developed.  It could be HTML, man pages, panel groups, text files, or any other appropriate format.  This document specifies the format and contents for this project.

PLC Phase 1

Project Initiation Request
This amounts to little more than a suggestion form, and can be readily dispensed with in a small organization.

Ongoing: Multiple

Work Plan
This can be done in organizational tool.  Effective planning tools include spreadsheets, Microsoft Project, ABT Project Workbench, etc.

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