Phase 8: Implementation

System Implementation consists of delivering the system into operation.

Originator: contractor and/or client.



  1. Determine Resource Requirements (Hardware, Software, and Personnel)
  2. Create Schedule
  3. Acquire Resources (optional)
  4. Execute

The House
This is a step that doesn't lend itself easily to the house analogy. Computer programs are rarely built in place, and in the case of most sponsored development, installation is a bit more involved than creating a SETUP disk. So, it appears that we've been building a mighty strange house. It's a custom pre-fab, which now has to be shipped to the final location! Phase 8 deals entirely with the logistics of getting it to that location and preparing it for the owners to move in! 

I know, it's contrived, but stranger things happen!

Phase 7. Testing & User Acceptance Phase 9. Post-Implementation Review

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