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Use any of the methods that follow. To make things even easier you can download my vCard right here.

E-mail: dave.leigh@cratchit.org
Telephone: +1 864 427 7008
Fax: +1 603 806 0358

Instant Messaging:
  ICQ: 37839381
AIM: leighdf
MSN: leighdf29379@hotmail.com
Yahoo!: leighdf

  Personal Chat: This is a personal chat client in Java for up to 10 people at a time. I'm only here by appointment.

Snail Mail:
  204 Camelot Dr.
Union, SC 29379

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Dave Leigh <dave.leigh@cratchit.org>
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DH/DSS Key 0x9B7B43A2.asc 0x9B7B43A2.asc 78DE 2ED9 69D1 5ADD 4F47 D8AF 7B08 C8A6 9B7B 43A2

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