Are you caught on a licensing treadmill? What if you were subjected to a software audit? The Business Software Alliance investigates organizations that use unlicensed software. This organization is funded by a number of large software companies, including Microsoft. According to the BSA, the penalties for copyright infringement can total hundreds of thousands of dollars!! Most companies, especially small companies, would fail such an audit.

You need to know that there are alternatives! Contact us to set up a consultation and independent software audit. We'll help you assess your risk, We'll listen to your needs and desires, and will let you know what options are available to you within your budget and your needs, All without fear of the penalties and fines that may result from a BSA audit. In addition, since We're independent and objective agents not affiliated with any software manufacturer, we can show you how to leverage the power of Open Source to provide services that you can't provide today due to exhorbitant cost.

The consultation is without risk. After that, if you'd like additional assistance in cutting your costs... well, we can help there, too.

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