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Hands-free Phone Dialer

VIC is designed to streamline your business. Any place contact information is displayed, you have the ability to dial any associated phone number.  It's a piece of cake!

Screenshot of Document with Dialer Link

The "Dial" hotspot appears in the Account tab of the current document. When you click it, the "Dial Phone" dialog will display all of the known phone numbers for that person or business.  You simply lift your handset and  click on the  number you want to call.  VIC will place the call for you.

Screenshot of Phone Dialer Dialog

VIC assumes that if you're making the phone call you'll want to document it. When the call is made, click "OK" to open a new preformatted JournalEntry (of type "Phone Call") associated with the contact. You can press "Cancel" to skip creating the JournalEntry.

Since VIC uses the Telephony API, this feature works with any computer that has the Microsoft TAPI installed, including all versions of Windows XP. However, we prefer Jacek Kozlowski's Dial Engine Pro (DEP) to the built-in Microsoft Phone Dialer.  We've found DEP to be less intrusive and "smarter", with more options than MS Phone Dialer.  Also, Phone Dialer contains it's own phonebook... a cumbersome and redundant feature that doesn't make much sense if you're using VIC!  The nice thing is that using DEP requires no additional configuration... simply install DEP and VIC will use it.

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